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Yes, that’s me with my mom, my niece, and my aunt — or better: with my family :)

Divorce is illegal in the Philippines. Yes, you read that right. The only country in the world where divorce is illegal. And let’s not forget the other place where it’s considered a crime, The Vatican.

A Filipino archbishop once quoted:

“Being a country where divorce is not legal is an honor that every Filipino should be proud of.”

This quote sends an invisible force through my back and creates a large amount of energy to make my blood reach its boiling point and erupt from my head like Mt. Tambora in 1815.

But we’re not here for that.

Now we’re…

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It happens to all of us. The frequency isn’t the same for all of us though. There are people out there who get rejected more than the rest, and the other way around. Perhaps, some people are just lucky not to face that many rejections during their lifetimes.

But let’s not compare ourselves with one another here. Each one of us who is alive at this moment has a unique story to tell and each story has its timeline.

I can’t count the number of job rejections that I’ve received for 20 years, more or less. Before joining the professional…

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I initially wrote the headline “Enjoying The Roller Coaster Ride of Job Searching” for this article. But my current job searching life is more of a flat road compared to the ups and downs of a roller coaster.

Also, I realized the last time I was on a roller coaster I thought I was having a heart attack while plunging. And afterward, I decided that ride to be the last. So, enjoying the roller coaster ride wouldn’t have been the right headline.

Instead of rollercoasters, I prefer jumping out of an airplane. …

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As the pandemic-induced productivity craze continues to shower us with tips on daily productivity, numerous suggestions highlight the importance of developing healthy morning rituals to fuel your plans for the day.

While it’s vital to stick to these routines to make the most out of your day, another aspect of productivity is often overlooked: evening routines.

By now, you’re aware that sleep and rest are essential for you if your goal is productivity the day after. A good night’s sleep enables your brain to recharge properly, and a well-recharged brain is what you need to begin with.

Yes, you have…

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2021 just started, and along with the new year comes the majority of us hoping for a new start. This hope for a fresh start comes together with the number ‘one’ that comes after 202.

It’s the right time to continue looking for a job for those who recently lost it. Perhaps, it’s also time to find another source of income.

I lost a full-time job in the middle of the pandemic. And I’m aware thousands of people around the globe lost their jobs too.

Then I realized, if thousands of people lost their jobs, it’ll be complicated to find…

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You’ve heard the idiom a million times telling you to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Given that lemons equate to life’s difficulties.

Often, I find myself asking the question, why lemonade? Making one from scratch requires you to squeeze those lemons. Then mix the juice with sugar and water. It’s simple, yet it can still be simpler.

Let’s think of it as a metaphor.

The lemonade would come out from putting high pressure on the problem (lemons) to squeeze the juice out of it, and mix that with a quick-fix (sugar) in life (water). …

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It took one year for me to decide to rest my wings after flying for more than six years. It was one of the most difficult decisions because it wasn’t just a job. It was a lifestyle.

But as humans, we evolve. And the next best step is to move forward.

Besides, it’s the best option to take.

I couldn’t move on from the flight attendant life yet, so I decided to take a path I thought would give me that ‘I-like-to-help-people’ kind of job.

My university life ended in 2010. After that, I traveled around the world for some…

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In a few days, it’ll be 2021. And if you’re like me, then perhaps a little part of you wants the pandemic to end on December 31st too. But we both know that’s not going to happen.

You’re reading this now, and that means you still have time in your hands. Many people have lost precious time this year, a few may have wasted it over worrying too much, and perhaps a few are running out of it.

No one really knows how much time we have in our hands to live out our dreams. So let this year be…

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If you’re not a Disney movie fan but familiar with the wonders of Disney magic, then you know it’s synonymous with ‘Happily Ever After’ endings. Or at least that’s what they used to sell.

The launch of the movie ‘Frozen’ led people to celebrate the twist at the end. Bravo! to Disney for making that change. By the time the credits rolled, ‘Frozen’ became my new all-time favorite Disney movie.

What’s the movie ‘Frozen’ about? It’s about two sisters where one of them has magical abilities to manipulate ice and snow. …

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“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

― The Dalai Lama

Here we’re all readers and writers. But out there in the busy world, most of us, if not all, are speakers and listeners.

Today, it’s easy to think we know a lot about communication.

We do it every day. We talk with other people over the phone. Or we talk with them over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine if you prefer — safety measures considered, of course.

Sometimes, you get your head buried…


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